The Christmas Factory and the School of Magic

Dec 01, 2017 — Jan 07, 2018 • Category: Events

The magic of Christmas is here! The "Christmas Factory and the School of Magic" is a place out of a fairytale to live an unforgettable Christmas experience. Christmas activities, events, workshops, surprises and yummy food are just a few of the things you will find at the Christmas Factory in Technopolis of Athens.
Christmas trees will be literally everywhere! There will be -wait for it- 100 Christmas trees at the entrances of the Christmas factory. The simply gorgeous “Magic Christmas Tree”, 15 meters high, will be at the center of Technopolis, with a Wheel of Fortune placed in it!
What’s more? Ice skating lovers will not be disappointed, as there is a 200 meter ice rink, where kids and adults can have endless fun. A wheel couldn’t be missed from Christmas magic- enjoy the panoramic view from the 20 meter classic Wheel, the tallest wheel ever been in the center of Athens. If you’d like a ride with a train, the Classic Train will be strolling around the buildings of the Christmas Factory’s area. The surprises don’t even end here- there is also an Escape room, a market with food, gifts, accessories and many more, happenings and theater.
We think it’s safe to say we got you into a Christmas mood right?