The 13th Panhellenic Exhibition Tourist Panorama starts

Apr 17, 2008 — Apr 20, 2008 • Category: Events
The 13th organization of the Panhellenic Exhibition Tourist Panorama starts from 17 -20 April, 2008, in the exhibition hall EXPOATHENS in Anthousa, Attica. Counting already 12 years of function, the Exhibition has contributed much to the tourist development of Greek Province and the elongation of the tourist season. It will include an important program of informative and professional events of the exhibitors, as well as events of local character. To the visitor-consumer will be given the opportunity to take part to a game inspired by a specialized company, through which he/she can win their Holidays! Honored location of the 2008 Exhibition is Magnesia Prefecture, a privileged region in matters of culture, history, hospitality and perfect tourist infrastructure. Tourist Panorama will once more constitute the most awarded promotion step of the Greek Tourist Product and everybody is invited in this special occasion.