Symposio at Ark - Award Winning Restaurants Festival

Feb 22, 2018 — Jun 21, 2018 • Category: Events

Eleven award winning chefs from all over Greece come together at Ark restaurant to create their own amazing dishes! For 11 Thursdays, from February 22nd to June 21st, taste ambassadors from 11 restaurants and taverns give their own definition to the Greek cuisine.
The festival, organised by the Ark Restaurant and Athinorama, aims to highlight the different aspects of modern and traditional Greek local food. Through this interesting food festival, tradition meets innovation and emotion meets technique.
During each of the 11 nights that the festival will be taking place,you will have the chance to taste signature dishes of 11 different restaurants of the region and travel to them through taste. Each night, a journalist of Athinorama, will travel us to the local cuisine of each chef, analyze the dishes of the menu and present the chefs.
Don’t miss this unique chance to taste dishes from award winning restaurants from all over Greece and travel to different places through amazing menus. Find more info here: