Science Fiction: A Journey into the Unkown

Event from Oct 09, 2017 until Jan 14, 2018
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Posted by: on Dec 13, 2017
Once again, the Onassis Cultural Center collaborates with the London’s Barbican Center and they present the show “ Science Fiction: A Journey into the Unknown”, previously presented in London. This is a very interesting show, exploring the role of Science Fiction in the contemporary culture. The visitor will “travel” to Star Wars, Ex Machina, the creations of Jules Verne and Jonathan Swift and see their contribution to the Science Fiction culture during the years.
This Science Fiction journey beginning from the 19th century and continuing till today is presented through music, movies, books and comics to the visitors’ eyes. Science Fiction, once addressed a limited audience, but now it expands to all age groups and cultures and influences music, art, literature, fashion and many other sectors. That is why this show is for everyone!
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