Rare ancient coins in Hellenic Cosmos

Nov 24, 2010 — Feb 28, 2011 • Category: Events
From November 24th and for the three following months, the Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Centre in Athens is presenting its rarest and best coins from its impressive collection that counts more than 13,000 ancient coins. The exhibition "Stories of Coins- Narrations of Cities" consists of 160 coins and invites visitors to a geographical trip from Thrace to Mesopotamia, covering a time space from the 6th century B.C. till the 3rd century A.D. The coins of the exhibition are made of gold, silver and copper, giving precious information on the economical and cultural status of the ancient towns. This collection represents most regions of the ancient world, from France to Egypt, emphasising on Asia Minor and the Black Sea. The exhibition will be open to schools and individual visitors.