Pop art exhibitions by Andy Warhol

Oct 06, 2009 — Jan 10, 2010 • Category: Events
Two parrarel exhibitions of Andy Warhol will be displayed in Athens the following days. Both exhibitions will be inaugurated on the same day, on October 6th, and their main frame is the connection between the religious beliefs of the artist and the glorification of celebrity classical icons, such as Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Kennedy. There will also be screenings of related documents and films. The first exhibition entitled Warhol/Icon: The creation of Icon will take place in the Christian-Byzantine Museum of Athens and the second entitled Warhol: Screen tests in Potnia Thiron- Bank of Attention, a few metres away from the museum. These exhibitions, held under the supervision of Paul Moorhouse, a famous critic of Warhol, study the meaning and importance of the image, combining religious features with modern personalities, all these through pop art.