Photo exhibition for the Ancient Kallos

Sep 13, 2013 — Jan 08, 2014 • Category: Events

Until January 8th 2014 will the photography exhibition by Joshua Garrick be hosted at the National Archaeological Museum of Athens. The exhibition is entitled Seeking the Ancient Kallos and shows the desire of the artist to capture the classical beauty, as it is presented on the ancient sculptures that he has been photographing for the last decades in Greek museums.

The artistic photos of Joshua Garrick are black and white printed on aluminum DiBond, often highlighting unseen details of the most famous sculptures in the Greek history. They are divided in four thematic units, placed in different areas of the Museum:

A. A visit, in the hall of the Museum
B. Breathing, in Room 21
C. Garden statues, in the internal atrium of the Museum
D. Instants, in the cafeteria of the Museum

Through his work, the artist wants to show his love for all Greek things and certainly his respect for those geniuses who lived in Athens 2,500 years ago. As he says, he feels a religious responsibility when he photographs ancient statues and monuments and he believes that at this moment in history, it is more important than ever to appreciate the inestimable wealth of Greece as located within the walls of the National Archaeological Museum.

The curator of the exhibition is the art historian Iris Kritikou. The designers are the artists Marios Voutsinas and Anastasia Dalma.

Where: National Archaeological Museum, Patission Ave 44, Athens
Until: January 8th, 2014

More at: National Archaeological Museum