Participate in Metaxourgio Carnival

Feb 19, 2012 — Feb 19, 2012 • Category: Events
The next two weekends (Feb 18-19th and 25-26th) are the Carnival Weekends in Greece, when many parades take place and customs revive all over the country. Although Patra is the most famous carnival town in Greece, many other towns also organize organize such events. Meta-Action invites the public to join us in celebrating the delightful Carnival of Metaxourgio, which is one of Athens' best kept secrets! There will be a large parade with exciting performers, music, and many interesting surprises. Our outdoor, multicultural Carnival will begin February 19th at noon in Avdi Square, which is adjacent to the Athens Municipal Gallery. Everyone is invited to join in the fun! If you are willing to take place in the parade or help the organization, check this page to see what you can do.