Outview Film Festival 2011

May 27, 2011 — Jun 03, 2011 • Category: Events
For the fifth year in the row, the Outview Film Festival will present some of the best international movies that have been presented in all the great Gay and Lesbian Film Festivals around the world. The Outview Film Festival will last for a week, from May 27th till June 3rd. It will take place at Cervantes Institute in Athens and more than 40 movies will be screened in the two screening rooms of the Institute. The festival will open with the Spanish movie El Consum de Sodoma, a film about the Spanish writer Jaime Gil de Biedma. This year, visitors will also have the opportunity to meet the awarded lesbian writer Sarah Waters, who will actually get married just a few days before the festival. She will make a prologue of the awarded mini-series of BBC based on her books. Moreover, this year there will be Greek productions hosted in the festival. Particularly, you will see Canal d'amour directed by Kostas Dadinakis and the short film Still Alive accompanied by a great soundtrack by Joanna Drigo. Awards for best picture and Audience Award will be given at the end of the festival, on June 3rd. Those who attend the Film Festival will also get to see the exhibition of the well-known artist Nikos Gavropoulos. The Outview Film Festival is organized with the support of the Greek Ministry of Culture and Tourism.