Open House Festival 2023

Apr 07, 2023 — Apr 08, 2023 • Category: Events
Location: Syntagma

Open House Festival 2023 was initially conducted in 1992 in London and has managed to be hosted by many cities around the world ever since, including Barcelona, New York, Seoul, Melbourne, and many others. In Greece, Thessaloniki was the first city that homed Open House in 2010, while the festival has taken place in the capital of Athens six times already.

The festival really transforms cities into museums. Annually, a few days are dedicated to showcasing and understanding architecture more by making public and private structures accessible to everyone. 
Trained and informative volunteers explain the architectural features of each building while guests have the opportunity to explore the spaces. 
The entrance to all buildings is free
A printed guide is available for anyone interested. The places where you can find it are announced on the festival's official website.
Online tours and contests are also part of the institution.

Open House Festival takes place in spring in Athens and in autumn in Thessaloniki.
More specifically, in 2023:
The 9th Open House Festival in Athens will take place in April.
The 12th Open House Festival in Thessaloniki will take place in November.

Note: The featured dates are indicative, according to those of previous years.
For accurate information, make sure to check their websites.