New concert of U2 in 2010

Sep 03, 2010 — Sep 03, 2010 • Category: Events
After their first and amazingly successful show in Thessaloniki in 1997, U2 are back in Greece for a unique show on the 3rd of September 2010, this time in Athens OAKA Stadium. Their U2 360o Tour will stop in several countries of Europe, next year, such us Germany, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Austria, Turkey, France, Belgium, Spain and Portugal. With a cylindrical system video wall and a steely manufacture that is found 45 metres from the ground, above an enormous scene with moving bridges, the Irish group promises to create a unique experience of 360 degrees. Ticket prices start from 30 euros (for around 10.000 tickets), with average price at 55 euros. Live Nation promised that at least 85 % of the tickets will not cost more than 95 euros. Tickets are already on sale! Don't be too late, 2010 is not far, considering the U2 mania has already begun!