Maria Callas in Technopolis Gazi

Oct 06, 2008 — Oct 12, 2008 • Category: Events
An exhibition dedicated to the great Greek opera singer Maria Callas starts today in Technopolis, Athens, and will last till October 12th. The exhibition, which is organized by the Honorary Consulate of Colombia, hosts paintings of Julia Guerrero. The artist aims to approach the talent and the female aspect of the famous soprano and has been inspired by photographs and roles of Callas. Maria Callas was born in 1923 in New York to Greek parents, but when she was five years old, her parents returned to Greece. She studied music in Athens and started her career in Italy. Soon, she became famous for both her supreme talent and the scandals in her personal life, such as her love affair with the Greek business man, Aristotelis Onasis. Along her career, she interpreted works of Verdi, Rossini, Wagner and Puccini. Today she is remembered as the absolute Diva of the Opera.