Maria by Callas at Danaos Cinema

Jan 18, 2018 — Jan 31, 2018 • Category: Events

"Maria by Callas” is presented to the Athenian public with the support of Athens Culture Net. It is an inside view of the life of the famous Greek - American opera singer with the divine voice, Maria Callas.
The interesting thing about this movie is that her story is told with her own words, presenting personal footage collected through the years. This footage has been put together to create a film presenting all the aspects of her life and giving a glimpse of the private life of this music legend.
Combining personal never seen before photos, unknown footage, private recordings and personal letters, Maria Callas tell her own story with her own words and presents her charming, yet dramatic life, 40 years after her death. All this material is presented for the first time in color and not as a black and white film, making the film more vivid and features footage of celebrities such as Yves Saint-Laurent, Marilyn Monroe, Alain Delon, Grace Kelly, Liz Taylor and many others.