Leonardo Da Vinci Athens

Dec 12, 2018 — Mar 31, 2019 • Category: Events

The biggest and most complete Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition has already opened its doors to the public!
500 years after his death, this amazing Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition is finally taking place in the old OSY depot in Gazi, in order to honor this leading artist and his contribution to the history of art.
The exhibition includes Leonardo's Engineering Inventions, an audiovisual experience that will present his life and scientific analysis, as well as a presentation of the famous Mona Lisa painting, by the Lumiere Technology Institute.
Technology will play a leading role in this exhibition, as there will be many technology-based interactive experiences. Furthermore, the use of the experiential SENSORY4 technology will magnify the effect of the exhibits and impress visitors.
Get ready for an extraordinary experience!