Joint Painting Exhibition at Fizz Gallery

Dec 02, 2008 — Jan 03, 2009 • Category: Events
Tomorrow, December 2nd, Fizz Gallery presents the Joint Exhibition The Esthetic Activation of Unworthy Material. However stange this title may sound, it indeed describes the true content of the exhibition. Ten Greek artists are using unworthy material to make a painting or another sort of artistic work, having various semiotic aspects. Mr Christos Theofilis, member of the Panhellenic Literature Association, is responsible for this joint exhibition, which will last from December 2nd to January 3rd. Address: Fizz Gallery, Valaoritou 9, Athens Telephone: 210 3607598 Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday, 12.00 p.m.- 21.00 p.m. Saturday afternoon Sunday and Monday closed