Italian Festival 2008

May 30, 2008 — Jun 05, 2008 • Category: Events
The Italian Embassy of Athens city is organizing the Italian Festival 2008, which was inaugurated by a night dedicated to the writer Antonio Tabucchi .
Today, May 30, the renowned Italian writer will have an open discussion with writers and publishers at the Italian Educational Institute.
The festival will climax on 4 to 6 June, with the exhibition of Italian Creativity and Technology, in Technopolis, Gazi area, Athens. There will be shown significant achievements, i.e. famous models of the Italian car industry: Lamborghini/Maserati, FIAT/ALFA ROMEO/LANCIA.
Moreover, the Italian gastronomy is represented in the exhibition by the Ferrero firm with delightful Italian products, parmesan, prossuto of Parma, wines, Champaign and of course, espresso.
The Italian Festival continues to the 5th of June with a night dedicated to the Greek poet Kavafis, at the Theater of Rocks (Vrachon Theater). The exhibition of the painter Franco Murer Carlo Galdoni’ s Venice will open on June 5, within the festival.