Irvin Yalom talks about death

Mar 31, 2009 — Mar 31, 2009 • Category: Events
Irvin Yalom, the famous American psychotherapist, is coming to Athens at the end of this monthΒ to give a lecture in the Concert Hall. The title of the lecture is View to the sun: Get over the horror of death. Death has always been a topic that occupied the thought of the famous psychotherapist. "At some point of our life, it is certain that all of us will wake up and realize our mortality", he says. In fact, his last book In the garden of Epicurus, which has been issued in Greece with great success, as all his books, deals with this topic. "The idea of death is always present and scratches some inner door, some veil of conscience. It is the source of many preoccupations and anxieties, as Epicurus said. I believe it is wrong to be afraid of the idea of the death.

If we learn more about it, we will be able to live with more tension. To live your life to the edge, you have to accept that it ends. I think what happens with death is not real, it is a kind of peace. The challenge is how to live between now and then, if our life is meaningfull". Irvin Yalom was born in Washington, USA, in 1931. He studied in the Medical School of the University of Boston and was trained as a psychiatrist in the John Hopkins Hospital. He is famous for his clinic and research work in group psychotherapy. His scientific and literary work has been translated in many languages. His lecture will take place on March 31st, 7 p.m. in the hall "Friends of Music" in Athens Concert Hall and the entrance will be free, based on priority.

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