Illustrating poems and figures of Cavafy

Nov 27, 2013 — Mar 30, 2014 • Category: Events
As part of the celebrations of the Year of Constantine Cavafy in 2013, which marked 150 years from the poet's birth and 80 years from his death, an original exhibition entitled Figures loved and idealized: Illustrating poems by C.P.Cavafy will run until March 30th, 2014, at the Goulandris Museum of Cycladic Art in the centre of Athens.

The exhibition uses various archaeological objects to illustrate a selection of poems by Constantine Cavafy inspired by mythology and history, two subjects that have inspired one third of Cavafy's work.

The 27 selected poems will be accompanied and illustrated by 67 artifacts, which mostly include marble sculptures, but also clay vases and figurines, coins, portraits, and icons from the post Byzantine period. The artifacts come from 13 different Greek museums and various private collections. Focusing on this special exhibition, educational programs for schools, workshops, and guided tours and lectures will be organized.