Hybrids - Borderline Between Art And Technology

Event from Nov 07, 2016 until Jan 15, 2017
Category: Events
Posted by: Greeka.com on Jan 09, 2017

What if we challenged our perception of art and its expression through the use of science and its pivotal achievements? The OCC in collaboration with Ars Electronica, the groundbreaking Austria-based research center, presents to the Athenian audience the much anticipated exhibition “Hybrids - Borderline Between Art And Technology” that aims to explore the relation between science and art. The exhibition includes artworks, performances and workshops by artists from all around the world, who present their own version of how art can be reinvented through scientific means - and how we can create new art forms using the latest technological data.
The exciting exhibition will be available until the 15th of January and the entrance fee is at 5 euros. Those interested for more info should visit the official page at OCC site: sgt.gr/hybrids.

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