Green Design Festival 2010

Sep 23, 2010 — Oct 09, 2010 • Category: Events
Two years have passed since its first successful presentation and the Green Design Festival is coming again in the centre of Athens from September 23rd till October 9th. This is a festival friendly to the environment, where more than 150 architects and designers are uniting their ideas for a better environmental attitude and higher life quality. The centre of this year's activities in Syntagma Square, which will be turned into an Ecomuseum, a recyclable construction of 1,400 sq.m. with lots of greenery. People who get out of the metro station in Syntagma can pass through this green construction and get the feeling of a harmonic park right in the centre of the busy Greek capital. This Ecomuseum also includes exhibitional rooms and a small green amphitheatre where people can relax having their lunch. Many other ecological constructions will be placed in seven spots all over Athens, challenging people to view a more ecological aspect of living in the city. This festival also includes a section about fashion, inviting people to re-use old clothes and broken accessories or just bring them to the festival and learn how to remake them!