Greece Of The 80's - Alternative Art Exhibition

Mar 12, 2017 — Mar 12, 2017 • Category: Events

Nostalgia for the extravagant 80’s has never been more strong - and there seems to be a gradual swift of the public mind towards the decade that has went down in history as the deification of shoulder pads, often disastrous permanents and epic, upbeat hits.
“Greece Of The 80's - Alternative Art Exhibition” aims particularly to explore the conformation of the Greek society during the 80’s decade, which was of defining importance for the later progression, not only of the political scenery but also the temperament of Greeks in general. With radical changes in various aspects of the everyday life, mainly due to the flourishing economy, the significance of the 80’s will be depicted through exhibits, lectures, screenings, workshops -and many more. In doing so, the exhibition reinvents the 80’s from a postmodern outlook, while allowing us both to give in to the guilty pleasure of recursion of a seemingly care-free era and acquire a critical perspective on the facts.
The exhibition will be hosted in the grounds of Technopolis in Gazi in collaboration with the Onassis Cultural Center and will be open to the public from 25/01/2017 to 12/03/2017.