FxD- 1st Fashion, Technology and Entrepreneurship Festival

Mar 02, 2018 — Mar 03, 2018 • Category: Events

The non-profit organization MeXOXO, that empowers women around the world, organizes the 1st Fashion, Technology and Entrepreneurship Festival in Athens. MeXOXO educates women from all over the world how to use their power and FxD aims to inspire women to create their own social and economic development in fashion and ecosystem.
The event will take place at Technopolis, Gazi and will last for two days. During these days there will be speeches by digital and fashion influencers, beauty events, innovative games and the visitors will have the chance to meet with successful women entrepreneurs and ask them their own questions. Greek influencers, bloggers and youtubers, having created their own business, will talk about the difficulties that they are facing regarding their career and how they overcame the obstacles, share their knowledge and provide all the tools needed in order to start a fashion business.
And of course, a big party with a surprise DJ and lots of happenings could not be missing from such an event! Don’t miss the chance to enrich your knowledge and meet some powerful business women. Find more info here: www.mexoxo.com/