Exhibition from islands of infertile line

Nov 30, 2011 — Apr 23, 2012 • Category: Events
The exhibition entitled Infertile Line: Kastelorizo, Simi, Halki, Tilos, Nisyros will be presented at the Museum of Cycladic Art from November, 30th, 2011 to April, 23rd, 2012. This exhibition is the first among other exhibitions that refers to the remote, at times forgotten, areas of the so-called islands of infertile line, that are the small remote islands of Greece. Kastelorizo, Simi, Halki, Tilos and Nisyros, all of them important harbors of the Aegean during the antiquity and frequent stops on the way from the Mediterranean to Ancient Lycia (in Asia Minor) and Cyprus, will be presented in this exhibition. All visitors will have the chance to acknowledge parts of the civilization from the prehistoric to the Byzantine times. The exhibition will also include photos of the islands, videos and old interviews of the inhabitants. The five sections of the exhibition, one for each island, will begin with two works of art. The first will be the base from the statue of Nisyros, which depicts part of a ship that was used in the ancient times for the pirate's pursuance. The second art work is a photograph adoring an entire wall and depicting the Victory of Samothrace, the famous winged statue that is hosted in the Museum of Louvre since 1884. The director of the Cycladic Art Museum asked for this particular statue to include it in the exhibition, but the Louvre Museum rejected the request with the excuse of the recent restoration of its rooms. The art works displayed in the exhibition come from the archeological museums of these five islands, Rhodes, Kos, Olympia and the National Archeological Museum. In fact, many of them were kept in storehouses, which means that it will be the first time to exhibit them. There will be 42 objects from Kastelorizo, 60 from Simi, 64 from Halki, 82 from Tilos and 142 from Nisyros.