Documenta 14 “Learning from Athens

Apr 08, 2017 — Jun 16, 2017 • Category: Events

Originally established in 1955 and traditionally hosted in the town of Kassel, Germany, Documenta is a renowned festival of contemporary art - and this year, it came with a twist. Its director, Adam Szymczyk, decided to reinvent the institution of Documenta and chose the city of Athens to co-host the exhibitions, creating a dialogue with one of Europe’s most challenged by the crisis destinations.
From April 8 to July 16, the entire city becomes a living canvas, with public squares, streets, archaeological sites, museums, places of special interest and outstanding buildings hosting the exhibits of Documenta 14, which includes numerous artists and covers a wide range of themes that mostly center around the current situation of Europe, its citizens and the struggles of the postmodern man.
Admission fees vary according to each venue, while there are certain exhibitions which can be visited for free. For the detailed program and upcoming events, as well as more info on the festival, visit the official site at