Colour Day Festival 2016

Jun 18, 2016 — Jun 18, 2016 • Category: Events

Music, dancing, fun and lots lots of colours are just some of the words to describe this fresh upcoming festival in the city of Athens on the 18th of June. Colour Day Festival, a festival that has its deepest roots in the ancient Indian celebration of Happy Holi, celebrates the arrival of the summer in a unique way. In the huge stadium of O.A.K.A. all colour fans will be gathered to participate in an explosion of colors and fun with a backdrop to the most exciting music tunes.
The festival is already something common in countries like England, Spain, the United States and Portugal and it has proven to be one of the most featured festivals for young people.
Dance acts and Live acts are still to be announced while the creativity leadership will be given to the artist and painter Nicola Delarte who will be creating 2 colourful works on stage and who has previously exposed lots of his work in Paidon Hospital of Athens.
Guests are invited to wear white comfortable shirts to enjoy the abundant explosion of colours from their peers and also equip themselves with a lot of colour. The doors will be opening at 14.00 while the first color explosion will be held at 17.00.
A unique event for unique spectators, don’t miss out!
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