Cine Doc Kids

Jan 27, 2018 — Jan 28, 2018 • Category: Events

Athens Children and Youth film festival continues for its second year in row, introducing international films for kids and young adults to the Greek public. The second weekend of children’s screenings will include 2 film screenings, as well as interactive workshops about cinema and physics.
The first film presented is the dutch “Little Gangster”. It is about a little boy, being bullied at school and dreaming about a different life and a different father. As he moves to another area with his father, things are starting to change and he becomes a little gangster. The second film is the English “The space between us”. It is about the first baby boy ever been born to Mars. When he turns 16, he travels to earth, but the doctors don’t allow him to get to the outside world, as it is dangerous for his health. He manages to escape and look for his father and the girl he’s been corresponding with when he was in Mars.
These two films are selected by the Cine Doc jury, consisting of school students and the director Marios Koutsourelis. At the end of the festival this jury will select the best film, that will be awarded.