Athens Street Food Festival

May 04, 2018 — May 20, 2018 • Category: Events
After the more than successful Athens Street Food Festivals in 2016 and 2017, the innovative gastronomic event comes back for the third year in row! Athens Street Food festival made the concept of street food broadly popular and loved, even by famous chefs.
This year’s Athens Street Food Festival will present an even bigger variety of different foods and cuisines, all representing the concept of street food. Each of the participants will give their own definition of street food, through their gastronomic creations.This event is for food lovers, but not only, and will include food options for every taste: waffles, ice cream, sushi, burgers, falafels and many more!
Athens Street Food Festival promises innovative tastes that will make you fall in love with street food, as well as pop up stores, created exclusively for the event and many surprises! The event will take place at the area of Palio Amaxostasio of OSY in Gazi at the first three weekends of May (4-5-6, 11-12-13 & 18-19-20/05). You can find more info at: