Athens Gardens Festival in the National Garden

Jun 03, 2016 — Jun 05, 2016 • Category: Events

For 2016, the Athens Gardens Festival will be occupying the beautiful space of the National Garden for two days to expose cinema-inspired tunes and promote culture.
The festival will be organised by Athens Art Network in cooperation with the Culture, Youth and Sports Organization of Athens. Athens Art Network has been created as an initiative by volunteers and creative individuals in an effort to explore, promote and develop the cultural tourism in Greece as well as the art talents that evolve in the country while upgrading the quality of living in the city as much as possible through art.
The festival will be hosted in the National Garden in Athens, one of the last open air green spaces in the core of the city and it will last from the 3rd until the 5th of June. With a view to the greenery of the Gardens, the festival will be presenting nine thematic performances inspired by music and songs from the cinema.
The National Garden of Athens will be transformed into a cultural and creative space to celebrate the classical beauty of wind instruments, child choirs and cinematic sounds. The festival will feature two stages, one small and one basic, where different performances will be held at different time schedules. The surroundings of the garden provide an amazing setting for concentration and relaxation while you can unwind with the sounds produced by the artists.
An oasis in the middle of the city, do not miss out on visiting this event in the National Garden with your whole family after a tiring day strolling around the streets of the capital.