Athens Fringe Festival 2011

Jun 20, 2011 — Jun 26, 2011 • Category: Events
For the third year, Athens Fringe Festival gives its rendez-vous with the Athenians. This festival is a chance to open our horizons, create and experience something different that happens in the city. Between June 20th and 26th,Β Technopolis, Plaka, Thissis, Monastiraki, Gazi and many roads of Athens will be the home of art events and innovative happenings. More than 500 artists, architects, volunteers will join in the name of the creation. The team of Athens Fringe Festival welcomes you to this celebration with special plays, dance shows, musicals and art exhibitions. The message of this event is "Smile in the Mind", motivating people to change the atmosphere of Athens and make happier. The theatrical team of Forplay, the Athens House of Photography and the theatrical team of people with hearing losses are some of the highlights of the festival. The schedule also includes live bands and theatrical plays.