Athens Bike Festival

Jan 01, 1970 — Jan 01, 1970 • Category: Events

From September 16th to September 18th, Athens is going to host the “Bike Festival” for the 7th consecutive year.This festival is going to be held in Technopolis of Athens, located right in the heart of Greece’s capital. The aim of this festival is to get people familiarized with bicycling and everyone -children and adults- is welcomed to this unique event.
The period that this event is going to be organized is not randomly selected; it is going to be organized during the European Mobility Week that also aims at raising people's awareness concerning the benefits of bicycling as well as of the use of public transportation. Furthermore, people have the opportunity to get updated about the latest trends in bicycling, especially about bike equipment and accessories.
During the Athens Bike Festival, many activities (some of them are interactive) will be held in order to motivate people to use their bikes, hopefully in daily basis. If you be in Athens during mid-September, ride your bike and pedal it to Technopolis!
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