Jan 01, 1970 — Jan 01, 1970 • Category: Events
For another year the ART-ATHINA festival opens its doors to all those art and gallery enthusiasts who want to explore new artistic horizons and meet important people of the sector. Gallerists, collectors, art education representatives, artists and art critics expose their work here and create “an art melting pot” where a very fertile ground for the promotion of the work and reputation of artists and collaborators is being created. This event is an amazing chance to get to meet many artists and owners of galleries who gather and expose their work in a big space with an eloquent architecture that encourages visitors to wander and explore around. This year, the festival takes place in Klisto Gipedo in Paleon Faliron from the 26th until the 29th of May. You can easily reach the place with the train or the bus.
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