Ancient Chinese Science and Technology

Sep 23, 2017 — Apr 29, 2018 • Category: Events

The ancient civilization of China is well known for its great offer to the areas of physical sciences, mechanical engineering and many more. This is what the exhibition “ Ancient Chinese Science and Technology” of the China Museum of Science and Technology in Beijing is all about. The discoveries of Chinese people cover many scientific areas, such as, astronomy, geophysics, biology, physics and mathematics and have a great value till today.
Presented at the Herakleidon Art museum, the exhibition consists of the following thematic units: Astronomy and Time Measurement, Navigation and Orientation, Weaving and Embroidery, Papermaking and Printing. Videos are accompanying all the exhibits, as well as descriptions written in three languages: Greek, English and Chinese.
During the exhibition, there will also be some very interesting demonstrations, that will get you into the mood of Ancient China. The demonstrations the visitors can watch are: Papermaking, Printing hands - on demonstration, Rubbing, Weaving game for children, Dougong/ Luban Lock/ Ball - Shaped Luban Lock and Dragon Wash Basin. Don’t miss the chance to explore the mysteries of Ancient Chinese civilization!