A Walk through Ancient Miletus

Sep 04, 2017 — Jul 31, 2018 • Category: Events

How about time travelling to the ancient world, and specifically, to Ancient Miletus? Sounds fascinating, right? Good news are, you have the chance to do it at the Cultural Center Hellenic Cosmos, in Athens.
The city of Miletus was a very important city of the ancient world, located on the western coast of Asia Minor. This wonderful ancient city comes into life, through the virtual reality production “A walk through Ancient Miletus”. This innovative production uses technical tools that allow the development of various directions of digital life in the virtual space and not a predetermined course. The aspects of this digital world are amazing, such as the element of realistic vegetation that alters its behavior, depending of external nature conditions, such as the wind. During the virtual program, visitors will have the chance to tour around the ancient city, exploring the most important public buildings and sites such as the gate at the Port of Lions and the sanctuary of Apollo Delphinios.
Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to explore the ancient Greek world!
Find more info here: www.tholos254.gr/projects/miletus/index-en.html