1st World Conference on Modern Greek Studies

Jul 03, 2008 — Jul 05, 2008 • Category: Events

58 top personalities, 50 of which are professors in Modern Greek Studies in Universities abroad will today meet in Athens. The global Conference on Modern Greek Studies will take place at the Athens Concert Hall and will last from 3-5 July. The Conference is supported by the Ministry of Culture, Foreign Ministry, Ministry of Education and the Tourism Development Ministry. It is also supported by the Greek Language Centre, the Greek Culture Foundation and the Council of Greek Emigrants.
The conference aims to "the promotion and the bordering of the scientific work that is produced worldwide by renowned Greek emigrants, the netting to each other and the designing of a three-year action program regarding their closer cooperation", so said the Major of Athens Nikitas Kaklamanis some days ago. The conference opens this morning at 11 p.m. with the greetings of the presidents of Modern Greek Studies of Europe (University of Berlin), America (Columbia University) and Australia (University of Sidney).
The themes of the conference will regard various domains such as philology, linguistics, translation studies, history, anthropology, Byzantine and Classic Studies etc. Outside the conference room, a book exhibition will be displayed, named "Greek Literature in 40 languages", as well as several editions made abroad by organizations working on the spread of the Greek language and culture.