Wine tourism is a steadily growing sector, and Athens is the ideal place to visit in case you are interested in exploring the greek wine culture and varieties. With a history of more than 4.000 years, winemaking is an art that has been mastered in the region of Attica, as since antiquity the Athenians were world-known for the production of supreme wine. The mild climate of Attica and the fertile soil create the ideal conditions for the cultivation of vines and the production of internationally acclaimed wine; this is especially true for the region of Mesogeia, which is nowadays home to more than 20 wineries and endless vineyards.
Modern-day wineries continue their successful course with respect to the lengthy tradition, cultivating mostly the varieties of Savatiano (from which the famous Restina wine is produced) as well as other renowned Greek and foreign varieties, such as Asyrtiko, Athiri, Malagouzia, Merlot and Syrah. Occupied with the latest technological equipment as well as modern facilities, the majority of wineries are open to the audience, and you can partake in a variety of exciting guided tours, seminars by oenologists as well as wine-tasting and gastronomy events.

What are the best Wineries in Athens? We have hand-picked the best 1 ones and marked our favorite with a ‚̧.

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Papagiannakos Domaine

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Founded in 1919, Domaine Papagiannakos is located in the Attica region, just 18 miles from Athens. Today, the winery is run by the 3rd generation, who has issued a new era of modern winemaking, while still maintaining the family’s dedication to developing and preserving the region’s most ...