Athens Varsos Dessert in Kifisia

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Location: Kifisia

We are in our second century of operation. We even endured difficult times for Greece and the Greeks. This consistency is our "secret"; our persistence in always choosing the best materials and adhering to our founder's recipes. 

It is the familiar taste we offer, engraved within us, that is why it invokes memories of another era, arousing profound emotion.

Everything starts with milk. It was the first product the company sold when it opened its doors and today it is the raw material for most of our pastries.

We remain traditional: we have solid partnerships with Greek breeders, we do not use additives and we guarantee quality. Our main concern is to keep the taste intact over time.

Clotted cream is one of the first types of ice cream released in Greece in the 1960s. It comes from Constantinople and the recipe was brought in Greece by emigrants. Our pastry shop uses only sheep's milk for its production. In this way, it acquires its characteristic, rich taste that awakens memories of old Athens.

Galaktoboureko is a Greek sweet, rich in cream with crisp crust and syrup. However, its name can be misleading. It comes from the Greek word milk and the Turkish burek which means pie. 

"Varsos" has been using the same recipe for 127 years now, which makes it a best-seller.





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