Athens Kalivia (Lagonisi)

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General information

Kalivia Athens: Kalivia is a charming coastal area, located 44km south of the city centre. It is a major tourist resort where many Athenians enjoy their swimming, particularly during the weekends. The region is quite developed with permanent residents and summer countryhouses.

The beach of Kalivia is well-known for its relaxing atmosphere being a nice escape away from the noisy crowds of Athens and with nice crystal waters. It is surrounded by tall pine trees and lots of greenery adding to the magnificent landscape. The beach is protected from the north winds, quite safe for the children.

In the wider region you will find many taverns and restaurants available in the area. The beach is not organized yet it is suitable for various sports, like tennis and volley ball. The access to the beach is easy by many public buses or by car.



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