Wineries in Greece & the islands

Wine is produced in Greece since ancient times and in fact, the wines in Greece were considered among the best in the Mediterranean basin, particularly in Roman times. This tradition is continued till today. Almost every house in the villages of Greece has its own vineyard in the garden and produces even a few bottles of wine.

Over the last years, there are many efforts to bottle and export Greek wine. Another effort is made on developing wine tourism so that travelers visit wineries, taste the wine and get informed on the entire wine-making process. In fact, many wineries have opened to the public for wine tasting and tours, even for seminars and social events.

The most famous wine-producing region in Greece is Nemea in Peloponnese. Famous for its high-quality wine since ancient times, Nemea has many wineries that open its doors to the public, particularly in autumn during the wine-pressing period. Other regions of Peloponnese, as well as Macedonia in northern Greece, also produce nice wine.

As for the Greek islands, Samos island and Ikaria island produce high-quality wine since ancient times and this practice is continued till today. Wineries are also found on Kefalonia island, Crete island, Naxos island, Paros island and Santorini island.

Particularly the wine of Santorini has a special spicy taste due to the volcanic elements of the soil and the water. Wineries in Santorini are many and the majority of them are open to visitors. Some even have special corners for social events, like Santo Wines in Santorini whose yard offers a breathtaking view to the Santorini volcano and frequently hosts wedding ceremonies.