Mountains in Greece

Greece is primarily a mountainous country. The most significant range of mountains in Greece is the Pindus, forming the main mountain-axis of the country, starting from Epirus and naturally extending till Peloponnese and Crete. This mountain axis gives the highest peaks in the country.

Mount Olympus in Macedonia is the highest mountain in Greece, reaching a height of 2,917 m (Mytikas peak). Olympus is world-famous as the home of the Greek gods. This is why they were also called the Olympian Gods.

About 40 mountain ranges in Greece exceed the elevation of 2,000 m, including:
Mounts Smolikas (2637m), Kaimaktsalan (2524m), Gramos (2520m), Giona (2510m), Parnassus (2457m), Psiloritis (2456m), White Mountains (2452) and Taygetos (2404m).

The mountains in Greece distinguish for their rich biodiversity, rare scenery and unique forests. Various species of flora and fauna exist in their forests, which is why many of them are protected as National Parks. These forests and the villages in the mountains create the perfect setting for autumn and winter holidays in Greece. As in winter, it is snowing on the slopes of the highest mountains of Greece, ski centers operate there and receive many visitors.

Apart from skiing, many other sports can be practiced in the Greek mountains. In fact, there are many mountaineering and alpine clubs that offer organized activities in the mountainsides, from hiking and mountain biking to horse riding.

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