Farms in Greece

With the development of agrotourism, farms in Greece have started to modernize and open to visitors with special tourist activities. Farming is an ancient activity in Greece and in fact, the ancient Greeks would trade their products and wine with luxurious fabrics and precious metals from other Mediterranean countries.

The truth is that very few farms in Greece have organized activities and facilities to host visitors. Most farms are open-air and have cultivations of wheat, cotton, tobacco, tomatoes, potatoes, strawberries or grapes. These are the most popular farm products of Greece, along with farms of fruit trees.

The organized tourist farms are large stretches of land with a farm on the side and facilities for workers or visitors. Most of these farm owners are looking for volunteers for the farm works, particularly in periods of harvesting, planting and cleaning away of weeds. In exchange, they offer accommodation, food, and training to volunteers.

Many farms in Greece also organize agricultural seminars and workshops, for example, workshops for making traditional jams, spoon sweets, wine and cooking Greek recipes. Some farms even grand their land for yoga or writing sessions in nature. Most farms in Greece are found in Macedonia and Thrace that have large spaces of land, but some are also found in the Greek islands. Kefalonia island and Ikaria island, in particular, have nice winemaking farms.

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