Nafpaktos Sightseeing

Nafpaktos sightseeing
Sightseeing: 6 things to see in Nafpaktos, Greece

Nafpaktos is a small and lovely town on the western side of Greece. Historically it is famous for the Battle of Lepanto that took place there in 1571. Rememberings of this battle are housed today at the Museum of Botsaris in Nafpaktos. The most important sightseeing in Nafpaktos include the Venetian Castle, on top of the hill above the town, and the picturesque port with the intense Medieval feeling. The beach of Psani that starts from the port is the main beach of Nafpaktos town and a relaxing place for swim. Many other nice beaches are found in close distance, such as Chiliadou and Monastiraki.

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Best Sightseeing

By location:
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Located on a hill above the town, the Venetian Fortress of Nafpaktos was built on the site of other ancient fortifications. Today it is very well preserved and gives great views to the area.

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The statue of Cervantes that lies at the port of Nafpaktos is dedicated to this great Spanish writer who fought in the Battle of Lepanto when he was 23 and lost his left hand.

Location: Town
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Located close to the central square of Nafpaktos, the Tower of Botsaris is a well-preserved construction that belongs today to the Foundation of Dimitris Botsaris and works as a museum.

Best villages

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Location: In western Greece
Description: The picturesque town of Nafpaktos is mostly famous for its Venetian Castle and the nice port. This town is a nice base for excursions and gradually develops tourism, keeping its authentic character.

Best beaches

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Location: In front of the city centre
Description: The beach in front of the old port of Nafpaktos gives a picturesque spot to swim. The shore is a bit pebbled but the water is crystal.

Type: Pebbled, Family Friendly, Partly Organized

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Nafpaktos Town
Nafpaktos Town
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Sometimes, the images just happen, or appear when you least expect them.

The history of the place:
We're in Nafpaktos - a small town in the bay of Patras. If you are interested in history, this is the site of the famous battle of Lepanto from 1571 (where Cervantes lost one arm and the Ottoman empire - the dominance in the Mediterranean Sea). The main target for photos is the Rio - Antirio bridge which lincks Peloponnese to the mainland.(you can see in the distance).

Problem 1: turns out that the bridge is lit up on HOLIDAYS ONLY (each time I ask, each time they tell me and each time I forget).

Problem 2: a thunderstorm that can blow your mind away (a shame that at that moment I didn't know how to photograph them, buuuut, another time).

The story of the shot:
This morning before leaving the hotel my mother and I go for souvenirs. I stop to snap at least what can be seen from the bridge (because it's still raining). Then I saw this child - fishing with his father and he seemed very enthusiastic, despite the rain. In Greece - it's like this - the child is introduced to the trade of the parents the moment when he/she could walk. As was this little fisherman. Father pulled away for a few seconds and shot this moment.
Nafpaktos Town port