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    The tiny island of Elafonissos is located on the southern side of Peloponnese, just below the peninsula of Laconia. Mostly famous for its exotic waters, Elafonissos island is the Caribbean of Greece. Simos, Sarakiniko and Panagia are the most beautiful beaches, with the golden sand and the pure water. There is only one village on the island, where all activities are concentrated. This place gets popular in the evenings, when people stroll around and enjoy a relaxing meal after a long day on the beach. Ferries to the island leave from the small port of Neapoli, on the opposite mainland coasts. Elafonissos Greece can be visited for holidays or for a day trip from Peloponnese.

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    Travel guide to Elafonissos, Greece

    Elafonissos island holidays guide

    A tiny island south of Peloponnese, Elafonissos in Greece is a place for total relaxation. It is mostly famous for its Carribean beaches with the golden sand and the exotic waters. Nudism is discreetly practiced in some beaches of Elafonissos island, particularly in Mikros Simos beach. Holidays in Elafonissos can be combined with Kythira or other lovely destinations of southern Peloponnese.

    General information

    Have a look on the travel guide that we have prepared for Elafonissos holidays and find out all the useful information you need to organize your holidays there. Through our photos, 360 pictures, videos and maps, you can get a better understanding of the location.

    Things to see and do

    Simos Elafonissos

    The island of Elafonissos is one of the Greek islands of the Aegean Sea and it belongs to the region Peloponnese. The highlight of Elafonissos island are the exotic beaches with the golden sand and the pure water. The most famous is Simos beach, on the southern side, very popular for camping too.

    Other nice beaches include Sarakiniko and Panagia, while many other coves are found around the island. The only village of Elafonissos concentrates all activities. After a long day on the beach during their Elafonissos holidays, visitors head to the village for a stroll along the beach promenade and a tasty meal in the taverns.

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    Have a look on our travel services about Elafonissos island and find out how to travel there. Also see the hotels we suggest on the island.


    Hotels in Elafonissos

    Accommodation is spread all around the tiny island of Elafonissos, but the majority is concentrated in the main town. Small hotels are available in Elafonissos Town, as well as modern apartments and guesthouses. Some accommodations, like simple studios and rooms, are also available along the beaches of the island, like Panagia and Kontogoni. Generally accommodations on the island are simple with no luxurious facilities. However, you will have plenty of chances to enjoy wonderful days on the beach during your holidays in Elafonissos.

    Highlights in Elafonissos

    Exotic beach of Simos
    Simos is the most famous beach in Elafonissos. Located on the southern side of the island, this is a wonderful place with exotic waters and golden sand. Part of this beach is naturist.
    Lovely cafeterias at the port
    Elafonissos Town is the main village and centre of activities for the island. This is where many accommodations, taverns and shops are found. The ferry from Neapolis arrives there.

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