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This amazing photograph has been uploaded by Greeka’s community member Wes and portrays the breathtaking sunset as captured from the Chora (capital) of Folegandros. The image showcases perfectly the unique beauty of the Cycladic landscape. Folegandros is part of the Cyclades complex and is located at its southern part, near the island of Amorgos. It constitutes an alternative holiday destination, however in the later years its popularity has risen among tourists who appreciate its untouched beauty and relaxed pace. The island’s capital is built upon a cliff resembling a “balcony to chaos” -and is admittedly one of the most picturesque one can encounter. Do not miss the opportunity to stroll around the medieval fortified castle and swim into the turquoise waters –and maybe end your night with some homemade raki and meze? Whatever you choose, make sure you explore the traditional side of Greek summer!

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Located in the centre of Cyclades, Naxos is the largest island of this complex. With a long history, interesting culture and wonderful nature, Naxos is among the best islands to visit in Greece. Here are the top things to do on your holidays in Naxos.   Mykonos is a relatively small island but has many spots, hidden or not, that visitors have to see. Especially if you are arriving for a day or two, we suggest you try our sightseeing tours to see everything you have to see on the island plus save valuable time.
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Thessaloniki Reworks Festival   Athens Bike Festival

This September, Reworks Festival will be opening its doors to the thirsty audiences with electronic and techno sounds shaking the music scene of Milos in Thessaloniki for another time. Tunes from more than 70 renowned and emerging artists will be performing to their utmost ability to bring a vibrant and strong music wave to the public.   From September 16th to September 18th, Athens is going to host the “Bike Festival” for the 7th consecutive year.This festival is going to be held in Technopolis, located right in the heart of Greece’s capital. The aim of this festival is to get people familiarized with bicycling and everyone -children and adults- is welcomed to this unique event.
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