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Greece: the busy and the secret side
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Greek holidays: top sights and activities

If you have been looking for holidays in Greece on the web, then you have probably confronted this huge deal of information that can be very confusing sometimes. Especially if you are first-time visitors, things must be even more difficult. Where to go? What to see first? What to keep and what to miss from your holiday schedule? How can you be sure that you picked the correct destination for you?

Through our travel guide, we are trying to do exactly this: make it easier for people to choose their Greek destinations according to their own preferences and organize their trip. Here are some lists with some top things to see and do in Greece that could help you set up your mind.

10 things not to miss in Greece   Most romantic things to do


Greece is a large country with many natural attractions and interesting sightseeing. Surely you can't see everything in one trip, but you can get an idea of what is worth to see. In the following article, we have gathered the top 10 things not to miss in Greece.


As Greece is among the most romantic destinations in the world, it is visited by thousands of couples every year and in fact many wedding ceremonies are organized. Here are the most romantic things to do in Greece.

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Greece: the secret side

Although Greece is the 16th most popular tourist destination in the world, it seems that the majority of tourists prefer the most famous islands, such as Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes, Corfu or Crete. From one point, this seems totally logical as these are the islands with the largest promotion abroad.

However, it seems a pity that many visitors have not yet discovered the fantastic, off the beaten track side of Greece. There are wonderful mainland destinations, archaeological sites and certainly small islands that many visitors to Greece have probably never heard of. Hereby we present you some great places with stunning natural beauty and very few tourists.

Islands you have never heard of   The Small Cyclades islands

With more than 160 inhabited islands in the Greek seas, there are obviously numerous holiday destinations to choose, apart from the famous and cosmopolitan places. Here are some nice islands that you have probably never head of... or you may not hear about them very often.   Geographically located between the popular islands of Paros, Naxos, Santorini and Amorgos in Cyclades, there is a complex of four tiny islands: Koufonisia, Donoussa, Schinoussa and Iraklia. These small islands are secluded even in high season and great for total privacy.
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