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December 2014 - Greece off season: is it worth it?
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Greece off season: is it worth it?
Sadly summer is officially over and next April already seems so far away... Fortunately we have our members who continuously upload photos from their summer holidays in Greece, so this is a consolation! Of course, it is not like we have nowhere to go in winter. Greece off season is a paradise, both in the towns and the mountains. As many air companies are now scheduling flights to Athens even off season, it is easier and more economic for visitors to come to Greece in winter.

That time of the year, visitors will find a fantastic mainland to discover, spread with archaeological sites, traditional mountains and spots of rare natural beauty. This part of the country is set aside in summer, when most tourists flock to the islands. Even a city break in Athens is a joyful experience, with low cost hotels, vivid atmosphere and lots of interesting exhibitions organized in the city.

Winter destinations   Athens and other city breaks

Did you know that there are actually more than 10 ski centers in the Greek mainland? Or that ancient sites actually stay open until 15:00 in the afternoon in winter time? Or even that the sun sets at around 18:00, which means lots of day sunlight? So, why not come to Greece for your winter break...   With the recent launch of all year Ryan Air flights to Greece from central European airports, more tourists are expected in off season months. Apart from Athens, interesting city breaks in Greece include Thessaloniki and the nice seaside town of Nafplion...
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Off season tours from Athens
Off season tours from Athens gives visitors a rare opportunity: to go to fantastic places at a time where they will probably be the only tourists. Departing from the Greek capital, tours go to the most important archaeological sites and monuments in the mainland, such as Epidaurus, Ancient Olympia, Delphi, Meteora and more. The relatively good weather, compared to countries of Northern Europe, and the long day light (in winter the sun sets at around 6:00 pm) are tempting many visitors to come and enjoy the most authentic parts of the country.

Take the classical tour in winter   Off season tour to Argolis

Explore the most important parts of the Greek mainland through this interesting 3-day tour. Departing from Athens, continue to Epidaurus, Mycenae, Nafplion, Olympia and eventually visit Ancient Delphi, the most famous oracle of the ancient times...   Through this wonderful 2-day tour, you get to explore the region of Argolis, in north eastern Peloponnese. This region hosts two of the most important Greek ancient sites (Mycenae and Epidaurus) and a fantastic Medieval town, Nafplion...
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