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Discover the selected photo of the week: Chios by Piotr
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This week’s selected photo has been uploaded by Greeka member Piotr and depicts an enchanting entrance in a small alley at Mesta village, Chios. Renowned since antiquity for being the homeland of poet Homer and the precious mastic tree, Chios belongs to the island complex of the north-eastern Aegean sea and is a destination of delicate, aristocratic atmosphere as well as vibrant nature and history. Mesta in particular is a must-see attraction, as it constitutes a 14th-century medieval village that has been preserved intact. The Byzantine influence is distinctive, as the houses of the settlement have been built so to form a protective shield against pirate attacks, making Mesta a village of particular picturesqueness and outstanding architectural style.
How about wandering in its stone-paved backstreets this summer?

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