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This week's photo has been uploaded by member asteroid and captures the beautiful sunset of Oia in Santorini island. How about a late September adventure?

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Greek yogurt: when nutrition and joy combine   Mount Olympus: Where the Greek Gods Live

The consumption of greek yogurt has progressively evolved into a major trend worldwide, resulting into the increasing demand for the product which is currently being exported in hundreds of countries all over the world.   Being the largest mountain in Greece and the second highest in the Balkans, Mount Olympus understandably created awe to the ancient Greeks that believed that that was the place where their gods lived. 
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An exciting Novel set in Naxos   Santorini Experience 2017

Franco Rampazzo is an Italian professor of Mathematical Analysis that launched his first book a few months ago. This novel has the title “Nasso” which is the Italian name for the famous Greek Island of Naxos.   Santorini Experience, the much-anticipated sport institution with thousands of participants and fans every year, will transform the outstanding Cycladic scenery of Santorini into a massive arena.
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