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❥ Discover the Photo of the Week by Frodo
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This week’s best photo is this captivating shot that has been uploaded by Greeka’s community member Frodo. September may be slowly reaching to an end, Greece however remains a top summer holiday destination even at fall due to the lovely climate! How about some fishing by the tranquil sea as a farewell to the summer while the mesmerizing sun dives into the sea?

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The unique culture of Syros   Creative spaces in Athens

Located in the island complex of Cyclades, Syros is yet another astonishing island in the Aegean Sea. Apart from its exceptional beauty and marvellous beaches, Syros is also famous for its rich and long culture.   Athens has many institutes where you participate in interactive art seminars. Whether you are interested in theater, music, cinema, art lectures, then your options in this vibrant city are numerous.
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Athens Biennale 2015-2017   Drama Short Film Festival

Established in 2005, Athens Biennale constitutes an independent formation that aims at honoring the notion of artistic creativity as well as showcasing both greek and international artistic productions. Currently, Athens Biennale hosts a special ongoing project under the name “OMONOIA” while the main exhibition is hosted in the historical Bageion building, the emblematic trademark of the great Athenian square after which the project is named.   Since its establishment in 1978, Drama’s Short-Film Festival managed to evolve from a small gathering of cinema lovers into a major festival with international appeal; indeed, these days the small town of Drama in Northern Greece is preparing to host the 22th Film Festival, drawing worldwide attention and a variety of artists who do not only compete for the monetary prize but wish to stand out and start off their career in the world of cinema.
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