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Beautiful sites and locations
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Posted by jultrws on

Category: Rhodes General

We visited Rhodes on our way to Mykonos. We stayed there for 5 days to see the island but of course we only managed some places, as it is so big. The island was clean, the beaches were gorgeous and the ancient sites sprawled over were marvelous. We had stayed at a boutique hotel in Rhodes city. This hotel was in fact in the Old Town in the city. Here we got to see some splendid medieval architecture. The narrow streets had the old warm charm and were lined with antique shops and restaurants, selling delicious food.

The best option for us was to rent a car on the island. It gave us the freedom to explore on our own the various sites. The locals helped us out with directions because maps were confusing us. We visited Lindos, the ancient ruins of Ialyssos and Kameiros, the Aquarium and the Butterflies.

Faliraki beach is definitely the most crowded beach on Rhodes. There were tourists sprawled on the loungers throughout the length of the beach. I really have no idea when this beach remains empty. Another thing is this beach is not for children since sometimes it tends to get a bit rowdy with teenagers all over the place.

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Wonderful sites and museums
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Posted by wolfme on

Category: Rhodes General

Rhodes is absolutely fantastic. Clean beaches, excellent roads, beautiful sites and villages and a lot of historical monuments. Everything which has to be seen was easy to reach. When this east coast road is finished, it will be even better. The Old Town is a beauty itself, every time we visited we found something new to see. Visit the museums to get a real view of the island's culture. My children loved the Aquarium. I enjoyed a lot the Museum of Modern Art. I think it was a good idea to display art in an old, Venetian building, it gave a sense of uniqueness to the museum.

Our hotel was in Afandou to be close to a beach, but we rented a car for three days to see the whole island. Lindos was very impressive, much better than the ancient Acropolis of Rhodesand better organized. I heard that a Hollywood movie was once flimed in Lindos, but I don't know more details. By chance we run onto the valley of the butterflies and loved this place. It was a shore to find a green area with waterfalls and get a bit protected from the hot sun.

If we had a few more days, we would take the boat to Simi or Halki, but we stayed only a week and wanted to see all of Rhodes.

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Limited options for vegeterians
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Posted by anniekust on

Category: Rhodes General

The Greek people were very friendly and we enjoyed meeting many of them. We stayed in Rhodes Old town at The Spot Hotel, which was an excellent location and good, clean accomodation. Old Town is very cool, although more commercial, crowded and loud at night (from the bars) than we expected. We enjoyed walking/running in the moat. In May, the wildflowers were in bloom in Rhodes and it was a great time to be in Greece. It was pretty cool at night and hot and breezy during the day. Bring some clothing to keep you warm at the outdoor cafes. We liked the city beach with the diving platform and found many good places to eat.

We spent 2 days in Lindos which was really lovely and had fantastic beaches. Lindos was expensive, crowded, and noisy too (especially the night life, which had music blaring from most of the bars). Despite the noise and busyiness, we loved the beach at Lindos so much that it was a highlight of our trip. Local food was very good and for the most part, reasonably priced. We loved the yogurt and honey in Greece. We also loved dining outside and ate a lot of fish. Since I don't eat red meat, I had a harder time finding non-fish protein than my meat-eating counterparts. Favorite restaurants were Mandala in Rhodes Old Town and Mavrikos in Lindos.

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A versatile island
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Posted by eleanna on

Category: Rhodes General

I was looking for a quite and peaceful place away from mass tourism...and I have chosen Rhodes, not exactly what I was looking for. But I have not regret it, although some places were not of my taste, such as Faliraki. I found it awful. Cheap and tacky streets, selling cheap and tacky souvenirs.
The Old town in Rhodes is worth a visit, and so is Lindos. Also go to the south of the island where the two seas join, you'll have fun there. Food in Rhodes is very same. There are so many tavernas and eating houses, it's difficult to choose.
For a nice swim, look for those beaches off the beaten track, e.g. Stegna.
Rhodes is a versatile island. It is so big that has gives you any kind of holidays you wish for.

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My favorite island
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Posted by hellas719 on

Category: Rhodes General

Rhodes is probably my favorite island. I haven't been to other favorites like Crete, Santorini, or Mykonos, but out of the ones I've been to (Milos, Kefalonia, Simi, Lefkada, etc.), Rhodes is my favorite. Milos was beautiful too, but Rhodes had more beauty since it was bigger. I definetely reccomend going on a boat trip to Rhodes, renting a car, seeing the picturesque Old Town, Lindos, and visiting a quiet, unspoiled little village called Haraki, near Lindos. Also, there are more attractions to the island like the butterflies and Faliraki. Unfortunately, I only stayed for 5 or 6 days, so I didnt get to experience the whole island as I wanted to, so I didnt climb the mountain, go to the Aquarium, go to the springs, golf course, faliraki waterpark, etc. as I wanted to.


Tidier villages
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Posted by irini27 on

Category: Rhodes General

I was in Rhodes last July with my husband. We stayed in the beautiful village of Lindos. The historical monuments there were very interesting and the beach wonderful.The local food was very good, we liked dinner in typical taverns, although menus were not much different. It was all nice in general, but we think the villages should be tidier. My recommendation is to hire a car and discover the island, do not stay at only one place, they are so many to see.

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Twice in Rhodes
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Posted by los45 on

Category: Rhodes General

I have visited Rhodes twice and I found it very pretty, easy to get round, nice food. If you have children, though, choose a child friendly resort, since many beaches are not kiddie friendly. The food was also good but not cheap. I won't be eating feta cheese for a while! Good supermarkets for picnics. I am not a fishy fan but it is really super if you like that sort of things. Be prepared for european prices. Many (most) beaches also are not kiddie or older person friendly, so be careful.

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Quiet Accomodation in Rhodes, Pefkos
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Posted by dia on

Category: Rhodes General

We stayed in Coralli Apartments which backed onto 3 lovely quiet beaches. One of them we had to ourselves and at night you can hear the lapping water as you go to sleep.We were looking for a place we could have peace but with the option to go for a cocktail in a contemporary bar minus the sparklers. Pefkos is fantastic for this because it is not over run with nasty happy hour bars and does't attract the big drinkers.

Everyone that works in the Coralli hotel are so lovely with no pretentions and are very entertaining. The hotel is totally self contained with a beautiful alfresco restaurant/bar, pool/kids pool, kids play area, mini market and the bus stop is at the front of the hotel with regular buses.

A bus to Lindos takes about 10 minutes and costs 1.20 euros. We went to dinner there often because it's beautiful to sit on the roof tops and look up at the acropolis. A taxi from Pefkos to Lindos costs 7 euros. A bus to Rhodes town costs about 5 euros and takes about 1 hour and a half. If you drive to Rhodes town it takes about 40 mins.

Other long sandy beaches and close to Pefkos are Tsambika beach which is toward Rhodes town from Pefkos. Glystera beach in the direction of Gennadi.

The Coralli restaurant has an extensive menu and the food was great although the service is very relaxed it's worth the wait. Another topnotch restaurant called Enigma is in the centre of Pefkos so a 10 minute stroll from the apartments. You can get a little more dressed up for this one and downstairs there is a great cafe/bar with premium gelati and waffles! Try the Shepherds Lamb - delicious!

Catch a bus to Lindos in the evening and get a taxi home later. If you aim to get the afternoon bus at 17:45 and leg it to the acropolis because it closes at 7pm. This is the best time to go primarily because it's cooler and no one is up there. Also the sun casts shadows that make interesting pictures. I would not advise going to the beach at Lindos because it's rammed with rows of sun beds and the common mass of package holiday makers.

On the way down to the square from the top, you should stop at Medeast for very well made cocktails and a view over the harbour. It's a chic little bar and Emmanuel is very interesting to talk with. The Cubino is divine.

Two of the restaurants I would recommend are the sleek Dionysos which is of far from the church. Try the seabass feta and spinach - amazing!!
For a traditional menu in a magical courtyard setting try Kamariko which is an updated classic Lindian house. From the square, turn right at the church and follow main lane past Yianni's bar and then turn right at Lindian bar. This is family run and the place is beautiful! Try lamb wrapped in vine leaves and stuffed with fetta - you'll wish it not to end!!

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A place to spend the rest of my life
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Posted by tonianagn on

Category: Rhodes General

I have been to Rhodes many times in the past and I love it. Last time was this summer. I always try to spent as many days as possible and I think I could spend the rest of my life on this island...
The Old Town is my favorite place, along with the Waterland Park at Faliraki, it is so fun. If you are on the island, you definetely not miss Kalithea, the valley with the Butterflies, the Castle, Lindos, Prasonissi and the Seven Springs.

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More laundries please
5 / 5 stars Rate:

Posted by marco24 on

Category: Rhodes General

I liked Rhodes island very much,I spent about a week there and I left with the best memories. The best of everything. The best beaches , a few extraordinay historical sites and great night life,for all ages.The food was OK. There was something for everybody's tastes and pocketbook.
I was excited with the Tsambika beach and the village of Lindos.
One thing: they need laundries that are availalbe and easily accessable.Hotel laundries are too expensive.
We stayed at a hotel ,but I would rather stay at a house . I saw many houses that were rentals , but I coudln't find them on line.

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