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Wonderful for family or group of friends
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Posted by ciarraik on

Category: Ios General

Harmony is such a stunning restaurant, placed up on a cliff overlooking the beach, sunsets here are just beautiful. They have an excellent selection of Mexican cuisine, the fajitas being a personal favourite! And the best sangria on the island! The food is fantastic and priced fairly but its the atmosphere that really makes you want to come back every night. With live music and a chilled vibe you will never want to leave the place!

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Great vibes for all ages
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Posted by janisma on

Category: Ios General

Ios is well known as a party island among the Cyclades. From the moment I arrived there I sensed this lively atmosphere and knew that I was going to have a great time. To go to Chora, we followed the wide stone steps of the old road that comes from the port. Before entering the village you will notice the Orthodox Cathedral. I quickly realized that Chora offers stunning view to the sea, since it is built amphitheatrically. We visited Milopotas beach the same day. It is 2 km to the south of Chora and it is popular for the crystal clear water and its long sandy beach (probably the longest of the island). It offers a lot of entertainment all day long plus you can do plenty of water sports here. Managari beach is a bit far from the port, where was our apartment, about 20 km but it is worth visiting. The food was really nice. I enjoyed the good wine there. Local taverns serve the basic but delicious food and I assure you that it doesn't get much better than this. Do not doubt that apart from the beach bars and the noise, Ios is a lovely island to relax no matter your age.

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Refreshing atmosphere and youth
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Posted by markes on

Category: Ios General

My relationship with Ios was love at first sight! From the moment I stepped down the ferry, I was amazed at the lovely colours of the village on the slopes of the hill. Blue and white in all its brightness! As the taxi was approaching to Chora, I counted more churches than in any other island. Churches small or big, with blue dome or no dome at all, tall or short bell towers and my favourite: a blue church towards the top of the village under a palm tree.

The central square has nice bakeries and ice-cream shops. There are also some cafeterias with round tables outside. Early in the morning, you could see only some local old men sitting there, but then they were filling up with tourists too. It was lovely to see the locals play backgammon or cards and talking loudly.

Mylopotas was the only beach we visited in Ios as our studio was there. Gorgeous beach, exotic water, fabulous beach bars!! What can I say? There were the most relaxing three days from my two week holiday in Greece! The youth and relaxing atmosphere of Ios truly refreshes you!

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Welcome to Ios
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Posted by leighb on

Category: Ios General

I have now been living in Ios for 21 years. It is a truly magical island, I don't exactly know what it is about the island but you either fall in love with the place immediately or dislike it so much that you never come back.
Personally I think its quite gob smacking the amount of return visitors we have every year. Ios is known as the party island but there is more to it than that.
Over the last few years there seems to be more families coming down, more Greeks themselves visiting the island but not as many Italians as there once were. Granted and sadly it is not as cheap as it once was, but if you are on a budget holiday, there are cheap places to stay.
Ios welcomes travellers of all ages, hope to see some of you this year!

alexis wrote on Apr 29, 2010

Yes, I agree with you.
You like or hate ios.
But it is a beautiful island with amazing and empty beaches even in August. I guess all the party animals are too tired in the morning to go and discover them :)


A dream for everyone
5 / 5 stars Rate:

Posted by bettyisl on

Category: Ios General

Ios is a dream!! It has something for everyone (except ancient sites!). Beautiful beaches, plenty of sun, Aegean architecture, a rich history, and lots of entertainment. I had a great time in Hora, the main city of Ios, famous for its lively night life and endless fun. Come evening, and the bars and clubs in Hora are bustling with activity. What impressed me most was that by daybreak, Hora transforms from a cosmopolitan town to a peaceful Greek village, where locals calmly go about their chores, a total contrast to the vigorous nightlife the town has. I rented a moped (30 Euros, three days) and visited the finest beaches on the island (Mylopotas, Agia Theodoti, Manganari). I also explored the mountains and discovered some miraculously secluded beaches not yet spoilt by the effects of package tourism. Chora also has fine restaurants, where I tasted some delicious, cheap delicacies, like a shish kebab made by grilling lamb chunks in a rich marinade of locally grown vegetables.


Great party atmosphere
4 / 5 stars Rate:

Posted by mauricia4312 on

Category: Ios General

Ios is a great place to chill out and have fun. Chora and the beaches around Chora seem always on the move, restless and loud. Mylopotas have the best water on the island and the best beach bars!! I loved that music was on from early in the morning till next morning!! Chora also had some nice bars but dancing on the sand and swimming at night was an awesome experience!!!

Do not take many clothes and certainly no good clothes or high heels. Probably two pairs of sandals, two swimming tanks and a few light clothes are just great. You buy the rest there. After all, you will be out all day and come back to the hotel in the evening to have a shower from the salty sea and get dressed to go out again!!

The ferry trip from Athens was a bit long but the time flew. Every hour we passed another island before we reach Ios. Chora has the best gyros restaurants. I didn't like that some international cuisine venues were open in Chora. Why need an expensive international dish when you have delicious gyros for just 2 euros?

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Like two different islands
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Posted by Rafaella_C on

Category: Ios General

Our holidays in Ios were very relaxing. We stayed at a small family hotel in Ormos right by the sea. All the houses in Ios are white in colour and Chora has a traditional atmosphere and gorgeous views. The main square of Chora is a shopper's paradise. I could not resist the temptation to buy some jewelry of corals and wood. All restaurants on the island had amazing dishes but gyros was the cheapest and mot delicious food to eat!! Bakeries also have the best cheese pies!!

All activities in Iosgather in Chora and Mylopotas. All bars and clubs are there and the atmosphere is so refreshing with the swimming and the loud music of beach bars. Strangely enough, most people were about 20 which makes these places strictly-for-young. On the southern side of Ios, there are many nice beaches but things are more quiet there. It is like two different islands: busy in Chora and isolate in south. I noticed a couple of good trekking paths in Ios if you like trekking, but it is not a nice idea in the middle of summer.

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Eat and swim a lot
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Posted by Nickb on

Category: Ios General

Ios is typical Cyclades. White houses, nice beaches, clear sky and delicious gyros. Chora was obviously the only village on Ios. The rest places were just organized tourist resorts. You know the type, with lots of hotels and taverns and bars that try to give a traditional view but in fact they seem so fake. Chora, on the other side, was lovely. It was busy all day and night but still it had a charming effect on me. White houses lay on top of hills and paved streets pass between them. On top of this hill, there is a small church with awesone view. In the day, people go to the beaches but at night they come to Chora for nightlife.

Mylopotas and Chora are the best clubbing spots on Ios. I liked Liquid for music and Disco 44 for the people. Ios is mostly for young people who want to have fun. It is like a sister to Mykonos and Paros, only nightlife is more concentrated in two places. If you are not looking for clubbing, you go to beaches like Manganari or Agia Theodoti. Eat a lot of gyros and swim as much as you can. I think it was good that there were no fast food on Ios except for the kebad/gyros venues, no KFCs or McDonalds. You eat this stuff all the time at home, so why you need them on vacation when you can eat delicious cheap souvlaki?


Just clubs and beaches
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Posted by joankam on

Category: Ios General

Ios is like the twin island of Mykonos! Girls and boys dancing all over, bars, parties, the overcrowded beach of Milopotas and of course fun fun fun! The island is full of Irish and Italians and most of them own really good spots for food, drink and music as the majority of locals also speak at least on foreign language. Don't forget to take a night walk with the pirate ship "Leigh Browne", really cool! Not to much to see in Iosgenerally, just clubs and beaches, so if you are young you will love it!Local tastes: the rice-filled flower of the zucchini and the watermelon pie, sweet, cool and smells like summer! Prices not very low unfortunately!

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Swim in the moonlight
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Posted by daniela6709 on

Category: Ios General

The trip from London to Ios was very very long but interesting and rather beautiful! The village of Chora is so beautiful and romantic, sunsets are like in dreams, sea is incredible clear and blue. I found most beaches of Ios incredible, especially Manganari beach and Agia Theodoti. What I actually did was swimming, laying on the beach and on the evenings walking in Chora. Oh, and eating giros, giros, giros! You don't need nothing else for food!

The best would be to let Iosstay natural as much as it is possible, so don't build big hotel complex, let the island stay authentic and traditional as it is. And low the music of the clubs, it can be annoying sometimes when you want to walk calmly to have the loud music spoil your romantic atmosphere. If you book a hotel room close to the beach, go swimming at night. Of course, make sure you know the beach first, you will not want to cut your leg on a rock or step on an urchin! Swimming and laying on the beach under the moonlight, with the soft noise of the close taverns, is such a nice experience. Stays in memories for all winter long, till next summer!

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