Greek customs: Tsiknopempti

Greece has various customs and traditions preserved loyally all year round -many of them quite enthusiastically even by the younger generations. Some of the most loved ones include -what else- food and certainly the most anticipated one is that of Tsiknopempti! The name sounds weird, we know -it actually means “Smoked Thursday”, as it is a [...]

agrotourism in greece

Agrotourism in Greece: How to

Agrotourism is one of the most special types of tourism, broadly defined as the kind which aims at bringing tourists closer to nature. In some countries, tourists stay in farms while in others, they join groups and actively participate in various agricultural activities. Agrotourism’s popularity has been steadily increasing in the later years, resulting nowadays in [...]

nafplio pelponnese greece

Best Places to Visit on Eastern Peloponnese

Peloponnese is one of the most beautiful and famous regions of the Greek mainland. The amazing region of Peloponnese is situated near Attica and historical evidence reveals that it has been inhabited since antiquity. Nowadays, it attracts many tourists all year round due to its incomparable beauty and to its worth-visiting monuments and museums. In [...]


It’s all Greek to me: books for Greece enthusiasts

Can’t get enough of Greece? So do we! Whether through stories that put a smile on your face or impressive photographs that take your breath away, we have gathered a list of our favorite books and albums that you should definitely consider if you love it when things are all Greek to you.   Colorific [...]

BestHostelsin Greece

Award winning hostels in Greece

If you are planning on visiting Greece but want to keep that budget low, then worry not; Greece has a wide selection of renowned, award-winning hostel in many different locations to choose from, so that you can have your cake and eat it too. How about a low-cost, high-fun backpacking tour?   #Far Out Beach [...]

Olympus Greece

Trekking with historical value: Mount Olympus, Athos, Parnassus

The varied landscape of Greece offers many opportunities for trekking and hiking in the mountains and for a thorough exploration of the country’s scenery. Greece is full of routes through lakes, mountains, valleys and rivers but the most important point is that you can combine this magnificent stroll in the nature with a touch of [...]

Hot spots for food in athens

5 hot spots for food in Athens

Hungry while discovering Athens? This will certainly not be a problem, as Greece’s capital is known in the later years for rapidly transforming into a top culinary destination, with numerous gastronomic choices are that are sure to please every palate. The following list features some of the hottest spots all true foodies swear by.   [...]

Monastery Agia Lavra

Kalavryta: Where beauty meets tradition

Located in the regional unit of Achaea, Kalavryta is a Greek town full of history and beauty. During the Frankish Occupation of Greece (13 century A.D.), it was given that name due to its many cool water springs. Its first name was “Cynaetha” probably because hunting was very common during those times. Nowadays, Kalavryta is [...]

Minoan palace Crete 4jpg

Crete: The Incredible Minoan Palace of Knossos

The alluring island of Crete is the largest Greek island and it was the place in where the famous Minoan civilization thrived. According to scientists, the Minoan civilization is one of the earliest civilizations of Europe, classifying this period from 3650 to 1400 B.C, that is in the middle of Bronze age. In order for [...]

Wine Cellar

The Delightful Greek Wine

What is your favorite wine type? If you are a lover of this special kind of alcohol, you might want to be informed that in the later years greek wines have slowly but steadily regained their fame among the finest on a worldwide level. Indeed, greek wineries continue to excel, producing wines of incomparable quality [...]